Tramper Mobility Scooters

Beating the competition at a breeze

25 stone
Max Weight
Max Speed
Road Legal
30 miles subject to terrain weight and temperature

The Tramper Mobility Scooter is our longest established and most sought after all-terrain mobility scooter. It was the first all-terrain mobility scooter and still remains the best performing one, on the market. It offers you all the benefits of a road scooter, but with the off-road capability for you to go anywhere. You can see this in our image gallery below, our clients take their Trampers everywhere.

The Tramper features a unique chassis design that is on rubber suspension all round, it has great articulation allowing you to cross ruts and bumps safely. It has light, accurate steering with virtual centre point steering, eliminating bump steer and keeping the steering effort to a minimum. It is very stable with a low centre of gravity and great articulation, allowing you to take your Tramper with care on slopes up to 25 per cent incline, both sideways and forward and aft. While our unique large back wheels mean that you glide over all the small bumps, unlike on other scooters. All our wheels are fitted with puncture sealant, and all our suspension systems are tailored to soften the ride. We now offer the next stage in battery technology with Advanced Technology batteries, these perform better than the conventional lead acid batteries allowing better current draw and better performance through the cycle range.

A testament to The Tramper's engineering excellence is the Queens Award for Engineering Excellence we won in 2009, the only all-terrain mobility scooter to do so. However don't take our word for it, please feel free to book a test drive. To book a test drive please click the link in the orange stripe above and fill in the form.

The Tramper does everything you said it would, the only things it wont tackle so far are styles and kissing gates!

Mr G (Somerset)

Engineered for Reliability

The Tramper is an all electric vehicle which uses the best components and benefits from 19 years of continuous development, with innovative constant improvements

The Tramper features sophisticated electronics to conduct self-check on motors, controllers, and batteries, with real-time battery monitoring systems. On top of that multiple braking systems are used so that no matter what happens, you're safe.

Incredible Strength

The Tramper comes with an incredibly powerful motor and can cope with weights of up to 25st. However the Tramper can take even more with a little modification.

The efficient electric motor combined with an incredibly strong chassis means it can be used as more than just a mobility scooter. In fact some of our clients use it as an all-electric towing machine making it a real work horse.

Control System

The Tramper has a top of the range control system providing a smooth driving experience.

The Tramper's controls can be tailored to suit your individual needs, easy to use with active feedback, making for a pleasant drive.

tramper Add-Ons

Several additional add-ons exist for the Tramper Mobility Scooters. Below is a selection of our most popular extras.

Stick Holder

A stick holder, to carry your canes and crutches with you when using your Tramper mobility scooter.

Rear mounted Luggage Box

A large waterproof and lockable rear mounted box, to provide extra storage in addition to the storage box in the front of the Tramper. This box can be easily removed and replaced, providing an extra 29 litres of secure storage capacity.

Flashing beacon

Flashing beacon for extra visability and greater traffic awareness. Compulsory when driving on a restricted dual carriageway

Tramper Bull Bar

Ideal for protecting the wings of your Tramper and it is quickly detachable

Auxiliary twist grip option

Auxiliary twist grip with change-over switch allows the driver to use either left or right hand

Tramper Trailer

The Tramper Trailer is built to transport your Tramper long distance, so you can take your Tramper away with you to Country Fairs, Shows and also to take the Tramper on holiday with you.


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