The Electrical Spraying Vehicle

The Sprayer Uses Targeted Spraying Methods To Kill Weeds Among Other Plants And Grasses

The Electrical Spraying Vehicle fulfills the need for a specialised pesticide delivery system. Most existing solutions build upon existing vehicles such as quad-bikes or carts, though this is less expensive up front its not as efficient and leads to large costs in both fuel and personnel. Instead the Electric Spraying Vehicle is completely electric and costs only pounds a week to operate and can run all day on a single charge.

On top of this, this vehicle offers targeted spraying. Unique and proprietary sensing technology in the heads detects where a weed is located under the spraying boom and applies spray to just that specific spot, this minimises the amount of pesticide applied and minimises your consumable costs. This can also be a benefit if your site is located in or near a spot of Scientific Interest

Finally the Electrical Spraying Vehicle can be applied to far more than just ground based weeds, to find out more, please enquire.

sprayer Add-Ons

Several additional add-ons exist for the The Electrical Spraying Vehicle. Below is a selection of our most popular extras.


The following documents are available for download; for higher resolution, queries over prices, or any other questions then  please contact us.