Authored By V Anscomb

11 Dec 2019

Ode to Tramper

After trying a Tramper Mr Victor Anscomb sent us his poetry to the Tramper

The Tramper means days of freedom, Freedom to come and go, To walk across the open moors When there is a light dusting of snow.

The Tramper is a means to see the world When the worn body has reached the point of decay, When the body needs its dose of daily help To pass along the adventurous byway.

The Tramper is the wheels of need To climb the hills and wander the valleys At a leisurely ambling speed, When the body has suffered in ‘Deterioration Alley’

The Tramper rejuvenates the spirit Of the body in decaying rust. The Tramper has the spirit and ability To renew a life with mechanical trust.

The Tramper is the freedom machine, Freedom to enjoy the countryside, To breathe air that is fresh from pollution; The adventurous disabled’s ideal solution.

As Mr Anscomb's Tramper was being built he sent us on this DAYS OF THE TRAMPER

I’ll be out and about when I get my Tramper; Seeing the world and its beauty once again, Enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, Singing in the rain.

I’ll see those fantastic views to photograph, Meeting the hikers, having a laugh. No more the strain and the pain Doing what I used to take in my stride. For, I’ll be up in the mountains, Down in the valleys, across the moors, Breathing the air at the waterside. These will be the days of the Tramper, A rejuvenation of almost forgotten life.

The Tramper, the coming of a second choice wife. These will be days when the spirit is lifted. This will be the life God-gifted, And, it’s all thanks to the Tramper these days are coming; To be amongst nature once again, Where the birds are calling and the insects are humming, And the flowers bloom in spring, And the leaves are coloured in autumn gold. Roll on the day when my Tramper will arrive And the dormant heart once again comes alive.