Tramper fulfills a lifetime dream

Authored By C Gibbs

My dream trip to Llangrannog

Yesterday, I was able to fulfil a ‘dream’ that I’ve had for about 25 years, when my own Tramper enabled me to go back onto beaches around the West Wales Cardigan Bay village of Llangrannog I had long thought were consigned to my fondest memories!

I and my family have holidayed at Llangrannog (off & on) since the early 60s. I developed muscular dystrophy about 30 years ago and have been wheelchair dependent for about 10 years. As beaches have gradually become ‘off-limits’ to me I had resigned myself to never again being able to enjoy the first & second bays at Llangrannog. However, yesterday, all that changed.

It was not the first time that I had taken my Tramper (Mark 2B) onto a beach, but the first time at Llangrannog. Fear of maybe getting stuck and not being able to walk away, I took a couple of 'grip mats' with me just in case, I needn’t have bothered, my Tramper performed brilliantly and at all times, despite some ‘challenging moments’. I was able to descend a steep slipway onto the beach, traverse two ‘river-streams’ of beach stones before reaching the firmer sand. After easily travelling across first bay over varying depths of sand and running (fresh) water, I passed Carrig Bica rock and entered the second bay (Cilborth) where I had not ‘set foot’ for decades. You cannot imagine how fantastic I felt and it was almost an emotional experience for, not only, myself, but also for my wife and daughter who were also with me - a family on a beach ‘together’ and all thanks to my ‘Go anywhere - Do anything’ Beamer Tramper.

Even though the videos and photographs we took don’t necessarily show it, my Tramper was subjected to a fairly extreme workload but didn’t fail me in any respect and at no time did I ever feel that I was at risk of getting stuck. On my return to terra firma, my Tramper had to drive up a gradual incline of fairly soft sand before encountering the steep slipway, again, no problems.

‘Your’ Tramper has enabled me and continues to enable me to re-live some of my very best experiences and I cannot thank you enough for what you have created.

Believe me when I say that, with respect, your website falls well short of illustrating quite what a brilliant on/off road vehicle theTramper is. Where can I go next…………..?!