BBC Top Gear

Authored By P. Cooper

14 May 2012

Beamer Ltd is proud to announce that the TWS Off Road Mobility Scooter was in Top Gear! The new Tramper TWS (Three Wheel Scooter) was used in filming for BBC Top Gear. Even with two on board the TWS Tramper still performed.

The new Tramper TWS (Three Wheel Scooter) was used in filming for BBC Top Gear. Download the Press Release PDF here.. Even with two on board the Tramper still performs. Tramper TWS (Three Wheeled Scooter) was one of three all terrain mobility vehicles featured on last Sunday’s Top Gear TV programme. Following the usual format there was a challenge for the production machines to beat those made by the three presenters. They voted the Tramper TWS the best one at the end of the show.

Despite being the cheapest of the 3, TWS excelled in scaling the muddy, wet course in the Brecon Beacons without any fuss, and without any breakdowns. At £4,983 as specified, and Class 3 compliant (which starts from £4470), TWS is a lot less than the TGA HD Breeze 4S GT at £5,490 and the powered wheelchair at over £14,000.

Three injured soldiers were brought in by the Help for Heroes charity to carry out the challenge. Ex-marine Benjamin McBean (Ben) rode the TWS and was seen helping the other machines to complete the course, pushing them from the rear. Since this was a team event – and not a race between them – staying at the rear providing help to the others seemed appropriate.

Ben was the only one to tackle the toughest slippery and rutted slope, which was hard going, and after reaching the finish line TWS still had 30% battery capacity left, while the others had virtually expired. It was good to see the British designed and produced Tramper was the dominant machine. TWS is designed to be an ALL terrain trike, as all Trampers are. It will happily carry you to the supermarket as well as over the Brecon Beacons as it did on Top Gear.